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Attitude!, Decide! and Try!
The Books: Try!, Decide! and Attitude!

Books by Karen Okulicz

Try! A Survival Guide to Unemployment

"Try!" my first book was written after becoming unemployed twice in three years. This book outlines a complete work search that is motivational and inspirational. A thoughtful, step-by-step process for getting organized and getting the new work you might seek. Now in the 22nd printing.

Decide! How to make any Decision

"Decide!" offers a comforting approach to making any decision through the techniques of movement, asking, visualization and understanding the timing of things. It teaches how to reach a decision without anguish or unnecessary pondering.

Attitude! For your best lived life

"Attitude!" has the ageless wisdom on how to maintain a great attitude while weathering the storms of life. This book covers how to deal with joy robbers, how to best build a life with our personal choices, and offers tools to put into practice to keep us uplifted and healthy to face the day.

About The Books

All books are also utilized resources in Workforce Development programs, be it WIA, Rapid Response, Youth or Veteran programs. Also they go into College and High school curriculum, Job Corps, Easter Seals Programs, Military Family Transition programs, and Federal Corrections.


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